beauty – a personal project


I love photography. I bought my first DSLR 15 years ago. I shot on AUTO mode for 12 1/2 years. It wasn’t until I was making my website for my baby blanket business(closed now) that I started to shoot in manual mode. I took a class online at to get the basics! Once I completed the class I was hooked, I wanted to eat, sleep and drink photography, I wanted to “see the light”.

I recently reached out to shoot someone for a personal project. This time of the year I’m shooting a lot of family sessions so I like to get some fresh inspiration and push myself out of my comfort zone for growth. I contacted someone that I have been eying to shoot! She entered a giveaway contest I had but didn’t win. She was a woman, a mother of three, a wife and I’m sure many other things!  She was confident in her own skin, I wanted to capture that. Her only hesitation to me was that she had just recently gotten braces…but still wanted to do it.

We exchanged a few messages back and forth via FB and set a date and time. I asked her if she had some natural light coming into her house(I only shoot natural light) and then we just went for it. I am type A, so no preparation is a little scary for me, especially not seeing how much light I had to work with or the location.

I photograph a lot of beautiful women. The really sad part is they don’t always think they are beautiful. The most frequent thing they say is I need to lose weight, can you photo shop this or that. I get it, I really do(I have my own insecurities- it will probably say “she only wanted to lose 15 lbs.” on my gravestone) but I really wish women were able to embrace themselves more as they are. Their bodies tell stories of family, health, kids and generations before them. I feel like society has done a real number on women and as a result, we are really critical of ourselves. Every woman is beautiful!

Here are some from our session! Towards the end I asked the husband to come in for a few…such a good sport!